Veggie Videos

Danny Boy with Slide Potato

A Music Video by the Wyld Men and Guests.

From their album Veggie Music.  Filmed on location and in costume at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Featuring  Jonathan Crocker on Slide Potato, Eddie Jeff Cahill on Guitar and vocals by Douglas Kondziolka of the Don Juan and Miguel Show.  Musical producers are David Macejka and Jonathan Langlois. This video was filmed by Duncan Pace and edited by Jonathan Crocker.

The CD liner notes:

Track 8: Danny Boy (accompanied on Slide Potato)
A tonic-culinary ironic critique of the inherent relationship between the forces of agrarian production, the control of the techno-military infrastructure through absentee mercantile-imperial influences and its impact on the family; with overtones of the tragic vein of cultural self-absorption the arts can sink to representing among any oppressed or victimized people or peoples. Those potatoes are crying their eyes out. It’s deep, man.